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This is SBL, real specialists of the biking world! At SBL, we’re dedicated to reinventing cycling tech to ensure the safety and convenience of every biker on the road. As avid cyclists ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable accessories such as our bike speed and cadence sensor, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance your biking experience. SBL is your one-stop destination for all your biking needs, including bike speed sensors. Our team of eCommerce experts and product engineers are passionate bikers who know firsthand the challenges of city cycling. That’s why we bring a varied selection of cutting-edge accessories like front lights, brake lights, tail lights, and group lights equipped with the latest optics and smart technology.

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When it comes to safety when biking, trust SBL Cycling to provide you with nothing but the best. What sets SBL apart is our commitment to innovation. Our bike speed sensors are designed to be smarter and more intuitive, utilising drone-powered sensors and smartphone connectivity for enhanced performance. With SBL, you can ride with confidence knowing that you have the most advanced technology at your fingertips. But our offerings don’t stop at bike lights and bike speed sensors. We also offer a wide range of biking accessories to make your urban cycling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. From mounts and saddlebags to water bottles and travel bags, we have everything you need to tackle the city streets or countryside slopes.

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When it comes to cycling tech, SBL is the ultimate destination. With our dedication to safety, innovation, and quality, it’s no wonder why we’re the best place to find a bike speed sensor. Email us if you want to know more about our bike speed sensor or any of the products we offer; our team will be glad to assist you.